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The Audience Room. Photo: H. Ledet

The Museum

The museum at Jaegerspris Castle comprises the memorial rooms with Frederik VII’s study, the audience room and the Countess’ chambers.

In addition there is an exhibition of golden national heritage treaures and a section devoted to the history of the children’s home. There are also special annual exhibitions.

The museum is open 11 - 16 from easter to end of October, on all days of the week except Mondays.

Parties can book a guided tour from April to October. The Castle Park is open all the year round.

Further information and guided tour bookings can be obtained by contacting Kong Frederik VII’s Stiftelse paa Jaegerspris, Slotsgaarden 20, DK3630 Jaegerspris, Denmark. Tel. +45 47 53 10 04,kf@kongfrederik.dk.

Countess Danner,  oilpainting by David Monies, 1850; the countess is shown wearing her bridal dress beside a bust of Frederik VII.