The Royal Corridor to the King’s Apartments

When Frederik VII acquired Jaegerspris Castle in 1854 he had it totally renovated inside and out.

Here on the ground floor of the south wing an audience room, a study for the king and a courtiers’ chamber were refurbished, all with the latest interior designs and under the expert guidance of the king’s wife Countess Danner.

In the corridor to the king’s apartments the panelling is from the 1700s, but the wall coverings and drapes were added in 1854-1856.

The two paintings of Peder Griffenfeld and Duke Ferdinand of Braunschweig at the entrance to the Audience Room are part of the original furnishings from that time, as are the antlers of deer shot by Frederik VII and Countess Danner.

The couple’s hunting equipment can be seen in the display cases.

The fourteen paintings of Oldenburg kings by an unknown artist were taken from Glücksburg Castle after the death of Frederik VII in 1863 and hung here in the corridor.

Over the entrance is the painting of Frederik VI, and to the left on the window wall are Frederik V, Christian VII (above), Frederik IV (below), Christian VI (above) and Frederik III (below).

Above the door are Christian IV and Christian V (above). All the portraits were painted around 1690.

In 1866, three years after the death of the king, Countess Danner opened Frederik VII’s apartments to the public.