The Courtiers’ Chamber

Console table and mirror

Mahogany desk

Bronze chandelier

Frederik VII

Pine table

Frederik VII in his study at Jaegerspris Castle

Humlebæk fishing village

Frederik VII’s horse Perlen

Christian VIII

Panorama of Frederiksborg Castle

Frederik VII

Hunting horn

Ship made of animal

The Isted Lion

The red Montre

Ivory drinking horn

Bridal crown

Narwhal tusk box

Ivory triumphal arch

Gold goblet

Gold snuffbox

Bust portrait of brilliants

Cameo of Frederik VII in profile

Jewellery set that belonged to Countess Danner

Gold ring

Gold ring

Gold ring

Gold ring

Knife and fork

Marble sculpture of Frederik VII’s hand

Marble sculpture of Countess Danner’s hand

Marble sculpture of Chamberlain Carl Berling’s hand

Marble sculpture of the hands of Frederik VII and Countess Danner

The seal of Christian VIII

White porcelain cups

Opera glasses

Red, velvet casket



The white Montre

Glass, cube paperweight

Red, velvet perfume casket

Glass perfume casket

Gold cross with brilliants and diamonds

Bouquet stand

Countess Danner’s patent of nobility


Porcelain figurine

Gold thimble


Chinese workbox

Leather shoes

From around 1780.

The green Montre

Pallasch sword

With the Danish national coat of arms on the guard.


Pallasch sword

With the Swedish national coat of arms and Oscar I’s monogram on the guard.

Dagger with a silver handle

With pearls and three gold-plated lions on the sword guard.

Dagger with a silver-plated handle

Persian curved knife


In the style of a Bronze Age weapon with a red velvet scabbard.

Dagger with a silver scabbard

Hilt in the shape of a warship.

Tunisian sabre

Pistol in a case