The Audience Room

This is the room where Frederik VII received his guests.

Statue of Christian IV

Gilded bronze.

The Carpet

Copy of the original carpet woven at a French tapestry workshop.

The Ceiling

Ceiling with casts of the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen’s reliefs ‘The Four Evangelists’.


Gilded bronze, made in the 1840s.

Gilded Chair

Oak ‘Kurul’ chair from the early 1600s.

‘Scene from a Loggia on Capri’

Painting, 1853.

‘An Arabic Letter Post’

Painting, 1855.

‘Uffe hin Spage Leads his Redeemed Sister to the Waiting King Vermund’

Painting, 1854-55.

‘A Malay Hawker’

Painting, 1863.


Glazed, ceramic stove. Made in Stettin, Germany and installed in 1862.

Console table

Gilded console table with marble top and clock.


Two candelabra in the shape of dark blue, porcelain vases.

Ornamental Vases

Two ornamental vases on a base of Swedish pine.